Beading Class available!

post updated 24th September 09 by jojetjojet..

Are you interested to Bead? If u wish to learn so that u can glam-up ur Baju Raya, Baju kahwin, Baju Raya Baby… (baju skolah anak cannotlah.. nanti guru besar marra..) u are at the right place. ermm.. not quite right yet.. but you are nearly there.. 🙂

Details after the photo.. (hehe)


Beading Class – Private Session
20 patterns, materials provided

Date: 1 day On Weekend. hoho. (Saturday or Sunday)
Time: 10am-4pm
Location: Your Place (KL & Selangor only)
Fee: RM200 per pax
(min. 2, max. 3 person per session. For a class of 3 students, the organizer gets 50% discounts) 

Kindly book 2 weeks in advance. please YM miss jojet at josha_kitec or email for more info.

Beading rowkkss forever!!  😉



  1. Salam, I nak join class beading…. how much is the fees?? and can u give me he complete address of your place. do u have class only for weekends?

    • oh sorry lmbt reply.. lama tak update blog.. hihihi..

      bulan 10 nih i bz skit.. tak pat nak buat class.. maybe end of november baru buleh

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